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Phunky Photography

Alright, so I can’t spell. Anyhow, if you want to see some pretty pictures, try either my gallery or one of those listed on my page of links to other people’s sites. If you want to view and edit photos, but don’t want to pay for the privilege, I’d recommend IrfanView and PhotoFiltre, respectively.

Incidentally, there’s a band in Little Rock, Arkansas, called The Manhattan Project, and they used one of my photos as a CD cover – their music’s not bad either, so check them out.

If you’d rather find out about the technical side of digital imaging, especially if you use an Olympus ES-10 film scanner or an HP 895C printer, take a look at my pages on scanning and printing. They include links to driver downloads, as well as software to customise the ES-10 and a review of image stability on different printing papers. Since creating this site, I’ve moved on to more modern scanners and printers, but I leave the information here in the hope that it might make someone’s life a tad easier…

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