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Other People's Pix

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s no shortage of photos on the Web. Just what is the fascination with sticking a load of pictures where anyone can, but most likely no-one will, see them? Don’t ask me, but I’ve fallen for it too. Even if you don’t like mine, try some of the sites listed below:

British Journal of Photography
What else is there to say? The BJP web site.

Tony Sleep Photography
A professional photographer’s site, now only available in archived form. He had photos and many detailed (and impartial) reviews of older film scanners by the people who used them. A ‘must read’ if you want to scan slides or negatives with first-generation film scanners.

Alan Babbitt does self-styled ‘fine-art’ photography, often verging on the abstract, while Tomoko Yamamoto has a small site with some pseudo-impressionistic images. There are also good nature and landscape photos on display at these sites: David Bailey (no, not the David Bailey) and Lisa Leinbaugh, Steve Hoffmann, Stephen Johnson and Serene Scenes.

Readio NYC on your Desktop Daily has daily updated photo tours of New York City, Broadway Theatre, NY hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, clubs, NY chef recipes and a daily soap “As The Mouse Moves”.

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