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Steve's Web Space

Hi! I’m Doctor Beet. Welcome to my site!

On these pages, as well as some useless waffle about me, you’ll find information on my main areas of interest: speech technology and photography. There’re also descriptions of a couple of shareware programs which I’ve written:

One is a quick and easy-to-use file encryption and compression program, Crippin, which I wrote for Microsoft’s old Pocket PC / Windows Mobile platforms. I’ve included links to it and to my favourite Pocket PC freeware even though nobody uses those devices any more.

The other is an audio enhancer to remove clicks, pops, tape hiss and/or surface noise from old audio recordings (whether on disc or tape). It’s called Mono-a-Mono, and I’ve included links to it and some classic desktop PC freeware.

Unfortunately I’ve been somewhat less-than-conscientious in keeping this site up-to-date in recent years, and now it’s starting to show its age. A lot of the information isn’t really topical any more, and many of the links are well-and-truly broken. Nonetheless, I’ve kept it available via two hosting providers, Tripod and x10, and I do still publish occasional updates. If you want to suggest any changes just send me an email.

Finally, a few tips for navigating the site:

  1. These pages only use JavaScript for trivial adornments, so turning JavaScript and cookies off (via your browser’s option settings) won’t hamper you, and should make everything load faster.
  2. If you want to get back to this page later on, just click on the “Welcome” at the top of each page.
  3. Alternatively, if you’re just plain lost, there’s a site map (provided courtesy of a rather fine NetObjects Fusion plug-in from Kai Toedter) accessible via a button at the bottom of each page.

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